29 Plains Indian Flute Songs


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Dr. Richard W. Payne, known as the ultimate in Flute Music in one of the most influential people in traditional flute music and is credited with helping to restore the art to what it is today.

Belo Cozad (1854-1960) gave Doc Payne his first flute, a Kiowa-style flute that used a flat metal plate for the splitting edge. This began a collection that would grow to the largest private collection of indigenous American flutes in the world.

While Dr. Payne was not Native American, he was honored with the name “Toubat”, which in the Kiowa language means Wooden Flute.

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29 Plains Indian Flute Songs

Dr. Richard W Payne

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Track 1: Zuni Sunset Song // Comanche Hymn
Track 2: January 20 // Eula // Indian Wedding Song
Track 3: Mark & Cindy // Lacandon Lament
Track 4: I Am Mighty Lonely (Minnie Bointy) // Geronimo’s Song
Track 5: Arapaho Ghost Dance // Sioux Love Song
Track 6: Omaha Prayer // Caddo Round Dance
Track 7: War Dance Song // Creek Stomp Dance
Track 8: Kiowa Hymn // Eca Moole, Hand Game Song
Track 9: Ave Maria (Schubert) // Amazing Grace
Track 10: Papago Flute Melody // Cowboy Ant (Papago)
Track 11: Hopi Lullaby // Hopi Butterfly Song // Hopi Flute Melody
Track 12: Apache Flute/Fiddle Melody // Everybody Loves Saturday Night
Track 13: Love Song (Belo Cozad) // Lo, We Walk a Narrow Way // Last Night the Snow Fell Softly

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